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Obsession Pt.2 Anime

The characters you are going to see on this page are very sexy. Resist humping your computer at all times...

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Anime has to be the greatest thing in the world! Said to be one of the hardest forms of animation and/or cartooning, it has brought audiences around the world joy and pleasure... ahem... we won't go down that road however. It's origins are from Japan... of course but it's now concidered to be a national thing.

*Tip for the 00b anime fan-
If you wear anime shirts, don't be a FUCK FACE and not have seen the show previous to the purchasing of the shirt. Or else all real anime fans will hate you... and kill you... grrrr >.<

Random Favorites of the Moment





Looking for a good read?

Prefered reading
Top Ten!

Cute: Wish
Adventurous: Legal Drug
Love/Humor: W Juliet
Sad: Full Moon
Angst: Hot Gimmick
Yaoi: Only the Ring Finger Knows
Addicting: Marmalade Boy
Fantasy: DN Angel
Mixed Genre: FAKE
Other: Angel Sanctuary

If you see dead people, contact imediately for further instructions...

Because Ima Ninja...